Puerto Rico’s Answer to Bud Light, Medalla is Hopping the Pond

Puerto Rico’s Answer to Bud Light, Medalla is Hopping the Pond

Original post By Neat Pour Staff

A staple of Puerto Rican bars and homes is coming to the continental U.S. Today (4.18), Medalla, the best selling light beer on the island, released a statement announcing a deal with to begin distributing the iconic suds in Florida.

“This is something many Puerto Ricans in the diaspora have been yearning for,” said Grace Marie Valdés, president of Cervecera de Puerto Rico, Medalla’s parent comapny. “For them, Medalla is more than just a beer, it is a flavorful connection to their beloved island that brings back memories of beach outings with family and friends. It is an honor to bring to them the brewing tradition my family began eight decades ago.”

Cervecera de Puerto Rico will partner with Orlando-based Titan Products of Puerto Rico to get the cans to stores. As the name implies, Titan specializes in Puerto Rican beverages. The company’s portfolio includes 60 of them including Titan, La Aguadillana, Sofrito Montero, Marvel, Serranito, Indulac and Lotus juices.

The plan initially calls for distribution in Florida only, but the brews will be widely available in the Sunshine State. Deals are in place with all the big box staples: Walmart, Sam’s Club, Sedano’s Supermarkets and Winn-Dixie. Plus, bars and indie bottle shops will be begin stocking the beverage soon.