Public Relations

Our Public Relations services offer more than just a blanket approach to earned media.

Our PR professionals will put together an attentive and comprehensive communication plan allowing us to become the voice of your brand. Your overall marketing strategy will be considered when developing an impactful and engaging campaign. We understand that a diversified and strategic approach to PR looks different for every client. By keeping current with the consumer landscape, our PR professionals are able to maintain a resourceful and proactive approach. We will continually assess your PR programming and fine-tune our methods in this constantly shifting digital age. We believe to be impactful, it is necessary for a brand’s voice to have purpose and generate audience sentiment. To do so your approach to Public Relations should be carefully crafted, managed, and tracked in regards to your overall objectives.

Quality relationships between your brand and target audiences are vital and should be present across various media outlets and channels such as earned media, digital publications, and social platforms. A Public Relations strategy is a vital piece of a company’s overall branding and unlike traditional advertising, PR speaks for your brand, engages the audience, and “sets the mood”. Your audience is looking for a connection, let us do the match making.

Marketing Strategy

Sometimes starting is half the battle.

Building a cohesive Marketing Strategy isn’t easy, but that’s where we come in. Whether your company is big or small, we understand a common obstacle is the uncertainty of where to spend your marketing dollars. First things first, you need a plan. Our team will start by having a conversation with key stakeholders; we will take the time to fully understand your businesses history, health, and objectives before creating a comprehensive strategic plan.

We will look at things like data and insights to develop an integrated strategy that includes bought, earned, owned and shared media. It’s important to us that we understand your brand’s unique success metrics, so that as goals are met we can take an informed approach to maintaining and adapting a targeted follow-through. We will continually monitor your marketing strategy during the consumer experience and retention process. As consumer trends shift and digital platforms modify, so will our integrated and customized marketing strategy for your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Our Public Relations services offer more than just a blanket approach to earned media.

Influencer Marketing is one of the newest and most effective forms of marketing. In recent success stories it can be credited for skyrocketing no–name companies into overnight fame! Some may look at it as digital gorilla marketing, but it is so much more sophisticated than that. What is Influencer Marketing? It can best be described as relationship marketing relying heavily on digital platforms and social media channels. The challenging part is identifying the appropriate Brand Influencers and social platforms to meet your objectives, which is where we come into play. We not only look at perspective individual brand influencers and their social following, we also research their relevant credibility to your target audience and their relationship and affinity to their followers.

We analyze how the influencer uses social tools and identify what social tools and digital platforms would best communicate your brand. We seek out and educate the most effective influencers whose personal brand is valuable, sincere, and established. It doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve identified and secured key brand influencers, content must be created, managed, and monitored. Social media activity, engagement, click-through, and how these efforts correlate to revenue must all be identified. If launched and administered correctly, an Influencer Marketing Campaign can not only produce new customers, it can also turn new costumers into brand advocates.

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Content Marketing

Every brand has a unique set of needs when it comes to Content Marketing.

Identifying your needs, creating new relevant content, and optimizing existing content can produce measurable insights and generate bottom-line results. A Content Marketing strategy should be developed and managed for all aspects of your owned and earned media. Website copy, blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, info graphics, and webinars are content tools we will use to gain and engage your audience. Unlike advertising, Content Marketing pulls the audience in, rather than pushing a message out. Content development should be a constant part of your communication strategy. We believe by delivery significant content you are opening up the soul of your brand one message at a time.

Our content strategy takes into account your diverse communication platforms and relevant content is crafted to fit each platform’s dynamic environment. Our team will also work in correlation with your influencers and targeted demographic communities to produce and distribute authentic, current, and compelling messaging. More and more companies are investing in content initiatives. We understand that stories, industry trends, and raw ideas permeate through your organization and we are committed to uncovering, delivering, and managing these compelling messages.

Website Design

A website is more than just a static landing page.

Your website, now more than ever, should engage visitors. Your brand’s website should accurately and effortlessly communicate your brand message and elicit action. We are a full service marketing agency and because of this we understand the importance of integrating all aspects of your web presence. Our creative gurus not only develop an appealing website, but also approach the design of the site from both a technical and marketing approach. Our designers consider all aspects of the consumer process and put together a cohesive design that takes into consideration e-commerce, social media integration, lead generation, SEO, and mobile app compatibility.

It doesn’t stop with the design; our services include email marketing, web hosting, content management and multimedia development. Your website is your “storefront” it should be inviting, informative, and strategic. Our cutting edge team will launch your website or app using the latest standards, programming techniques, and diversified marketing strategies. We aim to deliver and maintain an attractive, functional, and dynamic web product that meets all of your objectives.

Video Production

Video is currently one of the most powerful communication tools.

Whether it is a specific project, or if you are simply looking to compile a stock of creative elements, our skilled team will produce high quality and compatible video. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations. Videos are specifically mastered to elicit action, tell a story, or generate buzz across your target audience. Clients have relied on our services for their storyboarding and development of television commercials, instructional videos, short films, social content, sales videos, corporate training, and much more.

We not only offer a technologically advanced production team, but we are able to leverage our extensive experience in web design and marketing strategy to deliver a branded and cohesive final product. We understand that many of the video projects we produce are part of a larger marketing initiative and often must correlate with print, web, and photography elements. We provide a seamless approach to your video production and marketing needs.

Whether you’re cultivating new consumer relationships or nurturing existing relationships our creative team’s insightful and inspired events will tell your story and bring your brand to life.

Our services include event logistics, creative design, event safety and staging, scheduling, guest list and attendance management, guest experience, vendor and sponsor relations, event publicity, data capturing for lead generation, brand ambassador staffing, and flawless execution.

Our team will focus on the live event experience while applying a technological overlay to provoke consumer engagement long after the event takes place.

We look at events not only as a memorable experience but also as a participatory marketing strategy. It is because of this, careful and deliberate detail is given to every event we plan.

Consider our professional event planning services for the following types of events: