Fiel a la Vega is one of the most popular rock bands in Puerto Rico. The group is famous for music that reflects not just their love for rock, but also their deep affection for the island in which its members were born, and all the identity, cultural and political complexities that being Puerto Rican entails.

Very much aware of the massive migration of Puerto Ricans to Central Florida, the band set out in 2017 to duplicate here the success of its 40-year anniversary concert, which had been held a year earlier at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Stadium in San Juan.

Eleven was tasked with launching a media plan to attract intense coverage and grab the attention of the thousands of Puerto Ricans living along the I-4 corridor. This presented some inherent challenges, as this demographic group isn’t monolithic by any stretch of the means. Socioeconomics and generational factors can hinder reach and awareness strategies.

Research & Strategy

Eleven developed a publicity campaign that included press releases in English and Spanish, individualized pitches, and editorial desk-side meetings with influential media. This enabled us to work with a diverse group of media players and influencers, each reaching a different segment of the Puerto Rican community, to establish a high volume of quality, in-depth articles and TV packages. The pieces focused on the band’s trajectory, upcoming projects, and their message of cultural unity and pride for the Puerto Rican diaspora, always presented within the context of the upcoming concert.


In a week’s period, Fiel a la Vega was featured by 12 different media outlets, including print, online media and TV, and appeared in almost 100 percent of Central Florida’s top-tier Hispanic media. Univision, Telemundo, News13, El Sentinel and local iHeart radio stations were among these media. The coverage extended to the Tampa Bay area as well.

This media strategy was a significant factor in the increased sales of concert tickets, which picked up steam toward the end, doubling in the last five days of the campaign.